Translating Strategy Into Execution

Sometimes you need some help to find your way in business.

Last year we worked with AllChange to test our business plan and strategy. The hard work is now bearing fruit and we can’t commend Ian and his team enough.

If you are interested in the process watch the video and click on the links below.

The use of corporate vision as a mechanism for delivering transformational change has diminished over the years. Management-by-spreadsheet and risk management seem to be the preferred tools of choice as executives increasingly default to a transactional way of working. Yet in today’s tough, volatile and ambiguous world, where marginal gains are required just to stand still, there has never been a bigger need to get your people off the side-lines and onto the field to fight for the cause.

Thought Leadership

Strategic Narrative:

Corporate Vision:

Strategy To Action:

AllChange Overview

AllChange is a different kind of strategic change consultancy. It provides business strategy, change and innovation consulting as well as a portfolio of integrated transformation products to clients around the world. It creates value for clients by successfully bringing strategy to life in a way that connects with people’s heads, hearts and hands. It specialises in strategy visualisation and applies highly creative and innovative techniques that explicitly connect enterprise ideas and strategic intent to meaningful frontline delivery.