XCALIBR extends and redefines traditional marksmanship training.  Our innovative data capture, analysis and feedback system unlocks significant performance improvements by seamlessly connecting any/all firearms training (dry drills; blank firing; Airsoft; SimunitionTM; static ranges; live firing tactical training etc…) into a single measurable performance continuum.  This ‘evolve to open’ approach extends in-service capabilities, integrates novel systems and exploits the un-tapped data they generate.

Problem Space

  • There is a strongly indicated user need for effective data capture/exploit in Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT)
  • Our experienced team understand the significant gap between Live Fire Marksmanship Training (LFMT) and LFTT performance rates – in no small part due to the lack of measurability in many live fire systems.
  • Most in-service training management and recording systems have an over-reliance on subjective feedback during LFTT making performance hard to quantify and even harder to track through a soldier, sailor, marine, airman or law-enforcement officer’s career.
  • Novel/Extended use of Live Simulation equipment for live firing is reliant on cumbersome infrastructure and soldier-worn systems.
  • There is a growing appetite for broader After-Action Review (AAR), personalisation of feedback and aggregation of results across different user groups.

Building on proven success

We have taken the success gained during our DASA funded SiET Project and continued the growth of this user-focused capability. Now fielded into the British Army’s Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, XCALIBR is proving to accelerate and enhance marksmanship training for all users. With the ability to aggregate results from the simplest of individual activities, through into complex live firing tactical training events, XCALIBR is part of the single measurement environment that we at Cervus aspire to support; understanding the individual contribution to collective performance is built-in from the start.

One of the key parts of Future Soldier is preparing our forces to fight. This system allows us to train our marksmanship skills better. If we shoot better, we’re more likely to defeat our adversaries..
SO2 Combat Training

XCALIBR is a minimally invasive system that, for low physical burden (a mobile phone and small weapon sensor), provides users, range management teams with interconnected insights (powered by our Hive 2.0 analytics engine) that users are clamouring for.  We have taken input from Soldiers and Royal Marines in the UK when developing this capability, and have already started to see worldwide interest.

The journey continues with a growing number of integrations: extracting data from new targets; new weapons; new functionality. XCALIBR can adapt and grow at the speed of relevance, in line with user needs, wants and aspirations.