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Meet the Board

With experience from a broad range of backgrounds (Military, Technical, Scientific, Business) our Board represent a cross-section of the company as a whole. With well over 120 year combined experience in relevant fields, they guide and steer Cervus’ growth and development.

Meet the Board

With experience from a broad range of backgrounds (Military, Technical, Scientific, Business) our Board represent a cross-section of the company as a whole. With well over 120 year combined experience in relevant fields, they guide and steer Cervus’ growth and development.

Alan Roan

Managing Director

Al Roan is the Managing Director responsible for the strategy and day to day running of Cervus. He is also in charge of Business Development and Sales.

Prior to co-founding Cervus, he has worked for a number of international defence companies and for the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). He also served as an Infantry Officer during the ‘Tony Blair Years’ , serving on operational tours in; Northern Ireland, Bosnia, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a result of these experiences, an interest in defence innovation was ignited. Today he passionate about helping others create and deliver practical solutions for the front-line

Al is a Trustee of the Common Mission Project, enjoys cycling, rugby and wild swimming. He also is happy to share his strong views on the future of conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Paddy Little

Technical Director

Paddy Little is the Technical Director responsible for product strategy, product road mapping, and horizon scanning to support this. He is also heavily engaged in delivery of specific Cervus technical projects.​

Prior to co-founding Cervus, he worked for a large international  training and simulation company specialising in the defence sector, and prior to that spent a brief period advising on Security Sector Reform in West Africa. He also served as an Infantry Officer for 17 years, serving on operational tours in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan, a training and advisory tour to South Africa and was fortunate enough to attend the Joint Service Command and Staff College and to complete an MBA.

As a result of these experiences, Paddy is passionate about exploring individual and team performance, and in finding solutions for those on the front-line to access exploitable performance insights.

Paddy is a keen cyclist, member of a flourishing local club, and still strongly drawn to riding in the high mountains of Europe. He is also now owned by a large labradoodle and spends contented hours tending a village allotment with his even more enthusiastic family.​

Chris Baddeley

Operations Director

Chris Baddeley is the Operations Director responsible for the Finance and Operations of Cervus.

Prior to co-founding Cervus, he worked for a large defence simulation company, when he was first involved in Training Support before switching the Experimentation and Research support.  He spent the early part of his professional life serving as an Infantry Officer which included operational tours in; Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.  ​

Chris’s interest in military training, sport and, performance data, is what drives him to help design, build and deliver better access to the information which can aid and better people’s individual and collective performance.

Chris enjoys mountain and road biking and is a keen runner.  He has an interest in architecture, design, building and renovation and can occasionally be seen behind the wheel of a tractor helping on the family farm.

Chris Rolfs

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Rolfs is the Chief Technology Officer within the company.  He manages the Cervus IT systems, technical coherence within the projects and is an advocate of the Year In Industry Scheme for bringing students into the company.

After completing his degree in Maths, Chris worked for a large defence company where he delivered several large training and experimentation projects using Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation systems.  These required the development of innovative systems to enable personnel to deliver in austere environments.

He has always had a passion for maths and how it can be applied to real life situations.  Cervus offered the opportunity to make a difference in how data analytics can be applied to military operations and the unique challenges this involves.

Outside of work Chris enjoys DIY projects, the occasional bit of sport and cooking (especially on BBQ/Firepit) for friends and family.

Amanda Coleman

Chief Scientific Officer

Amanda Coleman is the Chief Scientific Officer for Cervus with responsibility for establishing and executing Cervus Scientific Strategy, establishing relationships with academia, businesses and other organisations, and assuring Cervus’ scientific outputs

Prior to joining Cervus, Amanda worked for QinetiQ, leading their consulting and advisory capabilities and developing their International business and previously has over 20 years working for the MoD and Dstl, primarily leading research and analysis for concept and force development.

Amanda enjoys working in a dynamic and creative environment where there is freedom to develop innovative solutions, engage with the end-user and challenge the status quo.  She is passionate about breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles to achieve excellent outcomes for the front line.

Amanda enjoys running and yoga; and when she is not exercising she enjoys crochet.  She is also a member of a church choir and sings regularly at services.

Steve Boughton

Non-Executive Director

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