Selected as a finalist in the MS&T Awards 2022 – Outstanding Innovative Product

We are happy to announce that we have been down selected as a finalist in the  Outstanding Innovative Product (Small business catagory) in the annual Simulation and Training Awards.

This is the third time we have made it to the finals but the first time in this specific product catagory. This award recognizes how our XCALIBR small arms training system has provided enhanced value to our military customer, training and human performance domains.

XCALIBR’s innovative data capture, analysis and feedback system unlocks significant performance improvements by seamlessly connecting any/all firearms training (dry drills; blank firing; Airsoft; Simunition; static ranges; live firing tactical training, etc.) into a single measurable performance continuum.

This “evolve to open” approach extends in-service capabilities, integrates novel systems, and exploits the untapped data they generate. It is a minimally invasive system that, for low physical burden (a mobile phone – three days battery life, wearables, small weapons sensor and exiting targetry – >400g [.8lb]), provides warfighters and trainers with real-time feedback on their live firing performance. It integrates a range of data inputs from weapon and target effects into a central data store, enabling individual and collective feedback. Feedback is provided by the mobile device. It uses commercial or private LTE (long-term evolution) networks to transfer all data but will self-buffer when near the base station if no LTE signal is available. All data is stored for subsequent detailed analysis and can be used for training management and capability development. The system has been developed with the UK’s Army and Royal Marines. It is being assessed by the USMC in October 2022 and is entered into US Army Expeditionary Warfare Experiment 23.

You can learn more about XCALIBR HERE

MS&T Magazine’s Simulation and Training Awards Program (see HERE showcases the people, products, processes, and organizations that provide exceptional value to our military clients. Many metrics are used to describe value, but the underlying principle is that value ultimately resides in how well the client is enabled in achieving their goals. Value is about outcomes and is often expressed in terms of change in areas such as resource use, effectiveness, efficiency, time, access, or readiness, or even capability.

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