International Women’s Day 2022

According to the Women in STEM, the UK can still only report 24% of the STEM workforce as women; when this is narrowed to the UK Defence Sector, the number drops even lower to only 19%.

Cervus are proud to be able to say that we are currently lucky enough to claim that 26.7% of our team are women! The amazing people pictured above mean far more to us, and what we achieve as a team, than any statistic could possibly ever cover.

We live our core value of “Super People and Teams”, and because of all that they bring to what we do, this years’ recruitment planning includes active measures to try and boost that figure, and we aim to become signatories of the “Women in Defence Charter” within the coming months.

We believe strongly that this actively sought blend of people with “likeminded diversity” drives answers that others haven’t thought of and we encourage diverse thinking from people who embrace our company vision and values.  Cervus remains committed to enabling, empowering, and encouraging its talent to develop and be successful. We work inclusively and thrive on one another’s superpowers because we know that we achieve more that way.