Innovative Search & C-IED Testing and Training

Cervus Defence employ a tested experimentation methodology and innovative training technologies to meet an evolving IED threat.

Cervus are security graded worldwide to provide bespoke world class Search and C-IED training for beginners through to planners and supervisors. We have a track record in International Search and C-IED training. This has been delivered in Afghanistan, Australia, UK, Kenya, Cyprus and the US.

Additionally, we offer a range of bespoke specialist search courses for all of our customers’ requirements.

01. Problem

At a time of global insecurity and increasing threats,businesses and multinational bodies must routinely:

  • Train their staff and operators to the highest standards.
  • Monitor and manage the consequences of changes in threat levels.
  • Prepare contingency plans to reduce the impact of an event should it occur.
  • Resource and manage security operations within their organisations.

The International  IED threat is no longer just a military problem. Indiscriminate targeting by terrorist and criminals now effects commerce, local authorities and public utilities.   Security procedures and Risk Management Plans need to be tested and organisations need trained.

Organisations have an increasing duty of care to ensure the safety of their people and the public.

02. Approach

We test and train effective Search and C-IED procedures from International Governments to high street businesses.

All our people are UK Armed Forces qualified instructors with numerous operational deployments worldwide. We have conducted and taught low and high-risk search roles in rural, urban and specialist areas, in all environments. Uniquely, our Search and C-IED courses are security vetted for public and international delivery.

We also employ innovative test and training tools to support this world class offering.

The Cervus concept for training delivery is via bespoke packages to suit the customer’s needs and operational requirements. Modularised courses can be combined in order to form bespoke tailored training. We deliver training at the point of need.

03. Relevance

Saving lives still remains the driving force behind everything we do. Knowing the importance of training to suit the users’ requirement, many of the courses can be tailored to fit within time scales and other restrictions.

The relevance of our testing and training is as follows:

  • Increased protecting for your people , assets and resources, thus enhancing the quality of your security procedures
  • Investment in National security and employee workforce.
  • Increased mitigation of security risks and reduction insurance liabilities

04. Conclusion

Further information  is available in our C-IED and Search Prospectus, download the PDF in the download area.

For further detail on our courses, please get in touch via our contact area.