Hive Analytics Engine – Continued Support to The US Marine Corps

Cervus and our US partner, Stucan Solutions have been selected for the remainder of the second phase of the US Marine Corps wargaming competition to develop and integrate advanced solutions to further enhance mission capabilities under the now sole Prime Contractor and partner, BAE Systems for Phase 2.

Cervus is pleased to announce that our team has been awarded a continuation contract for our Hive 2.0TM analytics engine into the USMC’ Wargaming Capability through our partners Stucan Solutions. Our analytics are at the heart of BAE’s state of the art Wargaming system: ‘Pioneer’.

Pioneer is BAE Systems’ prototype system of systems that enables wargame operations across multiple domains, including land, air, sea, space, and cyber. Pioneer utilizes cutting edge, explainable artificial intelligence (AI) based on linguistic geometry, machine learning, and predictive analytics. It delivers a truly immersive environment with critical verified, validated, and accredited analytics to provide the Marines with a competitive and information advantage.

BAE Systems has been selected as prime contractor for the remainder of the second phase of the U.S. Marine Corps Wargaming Center competition to develop and integrate advanced solutions to further enhance mission capabilities. As the single prime contractor for Phase 2, it is expected that the BAE team will also be awarded the Phase 3 contract, which will be negotiated in late 2022.

The U.S. Marine Corps selected BAE Systems to serve as the prime contractor for its second phase of developing and integrating a new, digitally advanced Wargaming and Analysis Center at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. BAE Systems, along with our teammates, will continue to build the state-of-the-art center to help the Marine Corps better visualize and simulate a wide range of operating environments.

Cole Engineering Services Inc, a prime on Phase 2 of the competition, will join the BAE Systems team. Additionally, BAE Systems partnered with several other industry experts to offer breakthrough technology and predictive analytics-based wargaming solutions that automate planning, execution, and post-game analytics. Our partners include Alex-Alternative ExpertsBohemia InteractiveCAE USACESICovan GroupNetSimCoPLEXSYSScalable NetworksStilman Advanced Strategies4C North America, and Stucan Solutions


“BAE Systems is leveraging its decades of wargaming experience and transforming traditional wargaming to digital technology for iterative concept refinement, wargaming, analysis, simulation, and experimentation.”

Dr. Nandish Mattikalli, Chief Engineer of BAE Systems Intelligence Solutions business


This award validates our recent decision to focus on modularity, openness, and ease- of-use.  Working with Stucan, we have developed Hive into a bespoke machine learning and development platform for US DoD called Stucan-Hive. Over the next 12 months it will continue to be optimised and provides the analytics backbone for Pioneer.   It provides the USMC with a secure and accessible digital platform for user led innovation and exploration.  Stucan-Hive fundamentally will change the way the USMC exploits their previously untapped data.  Further, our licence and partnership model has been tested and has now established long term exports into US DoD via Stucan Solution.

Not bad for a UK Veteran owned micro SME!


“The USMC Wargaming Capability has been a technically challenging and fulfilling programme, having been involved since 2019.  Its ambition is beyond any similar programme we have worked on and have learned lots around simulation integration, wargame specific data engineering and data visualisation.  We are really proud to be supporting the USMC with our incredible partners, Stucan Solutions.”

Chris Rolfs, Cervus CTO