Hive 2.0 – Software Update Released

Digital technology is reshaping the nature of combat and the nature of business; the defence sector needs rapid transformation in nearly every aspect of how it operates in order to compete.

To support this transformation, we are accelerating our product line’s capability with an upgrade to our analytics engine ‘HIVE’ to accelerate digitisation at the frontline.

HIVE 2.0 is a massive step-change in modularity, openness and ease-of-use, giving our customers greater access to their data.   HIVE 2.0 is a machine learning development and deployment platform now better optimized for military and security use.  It allows our customers to manage their entire product development life cycle from data ingestion and storage, to model development and visualisation, using non-proprietary technologies.  It unifies common open source technologies, such as Apache Nifi, Spark, MLFlow and Jupyter Lab, allowing users to get up to speed very quickly with minimal training or adaptation of existing code.

HIVE 2.0 is now even simpler and more modular than ever before, with customers able to connect into newer, emerging technologies as it suits.

New features include:

  • Simple access and control of all data from web-based interfaces
  • Standardised tools to investigate data and rapidly build and deploy build AI/ML models
  • Simple data pipeline construction and UX customization
  • An ever-increasing API and Data Science reference library
  • Easily productionised models and solutions
  • Big data tech to scale solutions
  • Collaboration tool to connect with colleagues on data projects
  • Ability to run solutions on fixed infrastructure or in the cloud
  • Modular design and use of “best in class” open-sourced tools
  • Deployable applications specifically designed for military use
  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Rapid customisation and tailoring to specific customer requirements


This update enables us to more rapidly implement digital solutions for our customers.  It provides them with an accessible digital platform for user led innovation and exploration.  Hive 2.0TM fundamentally changes the way they exploit their existing and previously untapped data.

 Paddy Little – Technical Director


To hear more about how Hive 2.0 will help you accelerate your digitization efforts for the fronline, contact or complete the contact page below.  Why not arrange a demonstration at v I/ITSEC  2020.   US customers should note that we will be selling Hive 2.0 through our engoing partnership with Stucan Analytics as STUCAN – HIVE .

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