08/3/24 Bristol

Last night we celebrated another year at Cervus.  It was a special Gin’ovation event this year, as it was the culmination of our 10- year anniversary. We had a chance to reflect on the past and celebrate with a fabulous bunch of people who have supported us over the years.  Special shout out to @RustyOrwin and @DougCellerier, who attended our first ever Gin’ovation event in 2016 and have been to every one since! We also had a chance to look forward to the next 10- years, and to announce some exciting changes happening at Cervus, as we shift to being even more customer focused and to growth.


So,  it’s the end of a long voyage on the data pirate ship Cervus. Our ship is currently in port, battered but still seaworthy.   It’s undergoing a refit, and we need more crew for the next adventure . We are about to reset sail and will be raiding a port near you soon!