Enabling Army experimentation

Commander 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade

Supporting the Field Army and Warfare Branch by conducting defence experimentation on a Brigade’s Command and Control (Bde C2). The HQ Functionality and Combined Arms Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance (ISR) campaign sought to conduct an empirical data capture and analysis that would feed the corresponding Tactical Doctrine Note.

01. Problem

At a time of large scale adjustment with focus on a near peer/ peer plus battlefield, warfighting knowledge must be amassed to feed and inform doctrinal decisions over AJAX; Armoured Cavalry (Armd) SOPs; ISR deployment and the CONUSE of STRIKE Brigades (bdes). In addition, Capability decisions are imminent to inform STRIKE experimentation and Develop future DH-3 requirements. The study explored the concept of the Brigade (Bde) Fusion Cell; explored the Task organization (Taskorg) of Division ISR assets and examined the Taskorg of the Armoured Cavalry Battle Group (ACR) in a force recce role.

02. Approach

The study was divided into the following work packages: Experimental Design and Visualisation Capture; Live Training supported by synthetic wrap on a BATUS Armd exercise; CAST simulation and a Wargaming exercise in Warminster. The experiment made use of the entire suite of experimental methodology – Historical Analysis, Live, Constructive and Virtual Simulation, Training Exploitation, Modelling and Wargaming.

03. Relevance

The study correlates to other Army projects and experiments. It exploited the methodology from the AJAX experiment and will generate relevant vehicle information requirements for the Challenger 2 LEP and Warrior 2 programmes.

04. Conclusion

The study identified; Electronic Counter Measure (ECM)  improvements for 1 ISR Brigade, ISR employment training gaps and developed processes for enhancing ISR information handling.  The study has relevance for; Programme WOLFE, AJAX integration, Watchkeeper, WILDCAT doctrine development, STRIKE experimentation and MORPHEUS