Data Driven Wargaming for the USMC- Phase 2

Having successfully completed Phase 1- Risk Reduction of the USMC Wargame Capability, we are pleased to announce that our team has been down selected as part of the BAE Systems bid by MARSYSCOM for Phase 2- Integrated Prototyping over the next 18 month.

Working on partnership with BAE Systems and  Stucan Solutions, we will be prototyping and implementing a unique analytics platform and maximising the reduction of technical risk into Phase 3.

The official BAE news release is as follows:

The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) has awarded BAE Systems an approximately $19 million contract to develop a prototype design for a new state-of-the-art Wargaming Center to be built at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. BAE Systems will integrate advanced technologies into the prototype, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, game theory, multi-domain modeling and simulation, and predictive data analytics, which will provide greater metrics and training on many wargaming processes.

We will build on our experience supporting the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Wargaming Division and partner with a diverse team of digital technology experts to produce an advanced prototype to help train an efficient, precise, and consistent force capable of fighting future wars in multiple domains,

said Peder Jungck, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems’ Intelligence Solutions business.

This prototype will integrate big data and advanced analytics in a secure cloud environment for future wargaming design and assessments.

Since 2010, BAE Systems has supported the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Wargaming Division with wargame planning, preparation, execution, and assessment. Deep understanding of the Marine Corps’ mission has positioned BAE Systems well for supporting further wargaming processes and identifying ways for the Marines to benefit from new technologies to enhance capabilities.

BAE Systems is one of three primes selected for the 18-month cloud modeling and simulation phase.

As a lead systems integrator, BAE Systems formed a team of industry experts with breakthrough technology offerings and predictive analytics-based wargaming solutions that automate planning, execution, and post-game analytics.

The USMC Wargaming Capability seeks to develop a next generation data driven wargaming capability to optimise decision making in the USMC that provides a broad set of flexible tools that can be applied to a wide range of military problems.

More detail on the programme are available here

As well as providing Analytics as a Service for the British Army, we are now implementing our upgraded version of Hive into the USMC.  Hive 2.o unifies proven technologies into an end to end data environment that puts data science into the  hands of the end user.  We will work with Stucan Solutions to adapt it for the American market, through the creation of a new product called Stucan-Hive.  We are really excited about solving some of the challenges associated with this level of scale but we are confident that the potent mix of American ‘get it done’ attitude and a sprinkling of British ingenuity will create something transformational.

Alan Roan- Managing Director

More details on Stucan-Hive are available here