Continuing our support to UK Warfare Development

Continuing our support to the British Army.

Cervus are pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded several contracts to support ongoing UK Force Development. We have been selected to:

  • Lead a Command and Control Study to inform the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps’ (ARRC) contribution to NATO ,
  • Lead the STRIKE Study (through an ASC Task) in support of the STRIKE Experimentation Group (SEG) as they prepare to accept AJAX into service,
  • Support  Roke Manor (through an ASC Task) in the development of Training Data Exploitation techniques in support of Tactical Doctrine development,
  • Partner with Roke Manor (through an ASC Task) in the delivery of a Brigade and Divisional Command and Control Study.

These studies will support the implementation of Army 2020 Refine and the UK’s contribution to NATO.

Army 2020 Refine is the implementation of the Government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review SDSR commitments. Before SDSR 15, Defence policy required an army designed for an enduring operation at the brigade level; new policy demands that are able to field a modernised division, capable of fighting as the principal output of the Army. From this structure the Army must routinely be able to reorganise for a range of other tasks and operations, at increased readiness.

As a result of this, the Army’s structure will change. 3rd (UK) Division will be reorganised to form two Armoured Infantry and two STRIKE brigades, one of each held at high readiness. The Army have re-designed four infantry battalions, with a fifth to follow, to become Specialised Infantry. These battalions will become experts in Train, Advise, Assist, Mentor and Accompany operations with indigenous forces.

Over the last 3 years, we have worked closely with Field Army’s Warfare Branch. Our continued quality of delivery and agility means we can rapidly respond to the Field Army’s changing needs whilst injecting innovation and new ways of doing business. Frameworks , such as the Analytical Support Construct,  enable more collaboration and responsive contracting and are helping Subject Matter Experts like us to help where and when it matters.

Chris Baddeley (Operations Director)

You can watch Brigadier Roly Walker explain the impacts of Army 2020 Refine here: