Command and Control Experimentation and Training

Commander Joint Force Command

Cervus have developed the Combat Net Radio Network Analysis Tool (C-NAT), a proprietary technology which facilitates Defence Experimentation and the continuous improvement of the modern warfighter and his use of information.

01. Problem

Despite digitisation, voice is; and will remain, the key C2 tool at the tactical level. A combat net radio (CNR) provides communications and situational awareness for a given user. In combat arms the majority of users are only able to communicate using voice communications. There is currently no method to measure the effectiveness of the ability to pass information using combat net radio.

02. Approach

C-NAT provides the ability to record all transmissions and receipts on a network, and subsequently synchronise in a database to allow detailed network analysis.  The database then allows ‘big data’ exploitation and analytics.

03. Relevance

C-NAT has relevance to all future collective training and experimentation. It has specific application to DSA, MORPHEUS, STRIKE and all future platform fielding trails and training.

04. Conclusion

C- NAT offers a holistic view of combat net radio and how it is used. It has been successfully employed during the Field Army VJTF experiments in Kenya during Exercise ASKARI STORM (up to BDE level) and used during STRIKE experimentation during Ex IRON STRIKE in BATUS.