Cervus is now a Carbon Neutral Company

As the national heat records have been obliterated this week, there’s a clear indication of the global climate crisis hotting up. We are pleased to announce that we have  been certified as a Carbon Neutral Business this week.  

Being dedicated to the front-line operator is one of our key values at Cervus which we refer to in everything we do, and it’s no different when it comes to looking after our climate and protecting it for future generations.

“Our emissions are comparably small within the sector ecosystem, but we can (and plan) to do more to raise awareness, promote within our supply chain and workforce going forwards, we’re only just getting started!Our thanks goes to Carbon Neutral Britain who have conducted our Carbon audit, governed by ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Emissions standards, and will manage our offset through projects certified via the Verra, which means projects are selected based on their direct and indirectimpact around the world – not just in offsetting, but also in supporting education,employment and clean water, as well as having net positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology. “

Alan Roan, Managing Director