Cervus and Spectra continue Data Science Partnership


We are proud to announce the signing of a contract that ensures a long-term partnership between Cervus and Spectra that will continue to build and deliver world class data science into the hands of the frontline user.

The new contract supports product development to scale Hive™ and to significantly enhance its AI functionality.

It also ensures continued Data Science supply to our customers.

Spectra Analytics’ website is here

Over the last 18 months, this partnership and our analytics platform Hive™ has supported:

  • The US Marine Corp’s Wargame Capability Development to integrate advanced analytics and visualisation to deliver an environment that empowers senior leadership decision making.
  • The British Army’s Virtual Reality Land Training (VRLT) project and the Collective Transformation Programme (CTTOP) to explore Training Measurement and Evaluation (TME).
  • Exercise Iron Strike 3 and supported the development of the British Army’s STRIKE Concept through live simulation data capture and analytics.
  • The University of Chichester to develop a Physical Activity Capture and Evaluation (PACES) tool to inform musculoskeletal injury prevention in service personnel.
  • DSTL’s Transforming Training, Education and Preparation (TTEP) Project and CTTP through a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) award to capture and analyse both performance and experience across education and individual and collective training environments. This will enable a far richer understanding of military readiness through effective workforce analytics.
  • US SOCOM (via SOFWORX) in the development of a Physiological Assessment Tool (PAT) demonstrator and to aggregate data from a variety of real time physiological capture systems to identify key human behaviours during meetings/engagements.


The effective capture, analysis and exploitation of training and education data is a fast-growing area in the Defence Training Market. The 5 eyes Technical Cooperation Programme (TTCP) commissioned a study into the top 25 emerging trends in learning. The only trend rated in the top 5 for criticality by all 5 nations was learning analytics. This is an exciting time to be in the defence analytics space and our data science credibility and expertise is hugely bolstered by this continued relationship with Marcus and the Spectra team. The UK and Allies ability to access Data Science will be a key issue facing many military organisations over the next 3-5 years and our partnership with Spectra starts to mitigate some of this risk.

Alan Roan – Managing Director, Cervus


The ability to harness artificial intelligence to quickly process and analyse the vast amounts of data that is being generated by the military is vital to protecting our country and allies, and securing the safety of our service men and women. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Cervus as we work together to achieve this goal. ‘

Dr Marcus Ong FIMA- CEO, Spectra Analytics