Cervus and Guardiaris Forge Strategic Partnership

Guardiaris and Cervus are delighted to announce a collaboration on a project for the Austrian MOD on advanced analytics and marksmanship training. This marks the next step in a journey which has already seen both companies collaborate around a conceptual design for future performance-focused, data-enabled training, and now progresses into a practical setting. This project envisages bringing together the newly fielded Guardiaris Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT) and Small Arms Mobile Trainer (SAMT) with Cervus Xcalibr through-life data platform, to deliver the Austrian Bundesheer a new training paradigm. It will marry the game-changing capabilities of the indoor SATT and SAMT at individual, team and squad level, with Xcalibr’s proven live fire capabilities, into a seamless measurement and evaluation progression, all connected by a golden data thread. This will empower soldiers, leaders, and the chain of command to optimise their training for the future.