‘Cerebration Day’

Innovation and team building in Bristol

The whole team enjoyed an amazing day of COVID-Safe innovation, ideation and team-building in person for the first time in a long time.  Amanda, our Chief Scientific Officer, created an inspiring series of workshops to really get our collective juices flowing.  We were guided through a range of new tools and techniques to help free our thought processes and find new ways of thinking – the results were awesome!  New ideas, new ways to work, and new views of old problems came pouring out, and at least three have been pulled forward into our “Innovation Practice” for more development and consideration.

The ‘Imaginarium’

We also reaped the benefits of Paddy’s (our Technical Director) ‘Imaginarium’ – an immersive, VR environment built to shed a new light on the world, and challenge our perceptions.  As well as being a lot of fun, it has pushed us into some exciting new places with our thinking on how to present the insights we create through HIVE 2.0.

Team Building

To finish off a wonderful day, Amanda and Sarah, created a treasure hunt for two themed teams (Team Lu’au and Team World Cruise) to follow to work up an appetite for dinner! Wonderfully imaginative clues guided the two fancy dressed teams around the local area to help us all learn a bit more about our new surroundings and each other, before a delicious meal (and a few drinks!).