British Army trials XCALIBR

One of the key parts of Future Soldier is preparing our forces to fight. This system allows us to train our marksmanship skills better. If we shoot better, we’re more likely to defeat our adversaries.
Major Lipowski
SO2 Combat Training, Army Futures

Army recruits have been trialing an innovative new system designed to dramatically enhance their marksmanship.

XCALIBR captures a soldier’s performance data during weapons training and provides analysis and feedback to allow individual and collective improvement in performance.

The trial at Catterick Infantry Training Centre aims to fully understand the benefits gained from using this technology by analysing live firing performance throughout their basic training.

Before the trial of this technology, it was not possible to objectively assess an individual’s performance during live firing. XCALIBR provides an understanding of how each soldier has performed and contributed to their team during training exercises.

It allows analysis of every single round fired, showing how marksmanship principles have been followed, from positioning and technique to other factors such as wind values and what effect was had on the target of that round. Data taken before, during and after firing is then reviewed to understand which areas the soldiers need to focus on improving.

Read the full British Army press release here

This app has really helped my marksmanship skills. Before, you’d maybe have one Section Commander between four people trying to help everyone. Now we have complete and accurate data.