Army Warfighting Experiment 2021 – Our Learning

“SME to the Three”

After a few very busy weeks at the British Army’s Army Warfighting Experiment 2021 (AWE21), with an awful lot achieved, we thought we should share some of our findings/thoughts with you.  It’s been an illustrative few weeks, with a lot of engagement opportunities with Senior Leadership – in the Military, Civil Service, Government and other partners from Industry.  We were lucky enough to be showing our analytics offering off with the wonderful people at ST Engineering Antycip; the full gamut of integration across Live, Virtual and Constructive, with some innovative transfer of the data gathered into a single secure server for retrospective analysis, effectively showing that we are ready to meet the Collective Training Transformation Programme’s performance measurement and analysis requirements now – you don’t need to be a big organisation to make a big difference!  “SME to the Three” is our new cry: Small Medium Enterprises, as Subject Matter Experts, bringing the Single Measurement Environment to you now!

Integration with Industrial Partners

This screen shot shows a Brigade-level Constructive Simulation scenario in Mak’s VR Forces playing out on an Estonian and Tallinn realworld data terrain database, simultaneously with SAAB GAMER Live Simulation data from a Live exercise in Copehill Down Village.  With help from the awesome Saab team at AWE this was put together extremely quickly – and whilst it is not a very sophisticated degree of integration yet, it shows the power of COTS technologies, the use of open architecture standards, and the benefits of like minded industry collaborator, which AWE has helped bring together.

The picture below is the more detailed view of Saab GAMER Live Simulation entities imported into VR Forces.  VR Forces is reading the positional data, shot reports, detonations, and status changes from the Saab data.  The next step we will take is to build out a sizeable layer of Flanking Forces using VR Forces excellent Entity-level CGF, so you can create huge numbers of moving parts, to add real-time challenge to training audiences to scale the pressure and cognitive burden they face.

Field Testing with the Frontline User

As we moved into the third week, we were lucky enough to get some Battle Group (BG) HQ staff’s hands on VR Forces.  We plunged them into an adversarial scenario, giving them the chance to run through BG Level “reps and sets”, alternating RED and BLUE roles between them in a highly immersive, realworld urban terrain database.  We captured the data and ran it through our Hive 2.0 analytics platform for measurement and evaluation, and watched as the users could improve with each additional repetition, and through innovation of their own.  The feedback was awesome, and we’ve learnt a lot from them, as we hope they did from us.