Our Forge capability enables our customers to connect the dots between their problems and an objectively assessed, quantifiable solution.
The Forge creates powerful, workable solutions by:

  • Developing and testing innovative solutions to pressing strategic issues, capability gaps and operational optimisation.
  • Injecting agility into the strategic decision cycle, enabling continuous testing of concepts, and the rapid development of capabilities and doctrine
  • Enabling effective outcomes to avoid technology shock, counter adversary and reduce operational risk across the breadth of operations

The Forge enables a joined-up approach to delivering capability or operational insights across 3 approaches:

  • Top down – from policy or operational drivers (planned capability/architectural innovation)
  • Bottom-up – from lessons learnt and capability gaps (contingent improvement/incremental innovation)
  • Solution-led – from technology opportunities, COTS/MOTS, or politically driven decisions (opportunity exploitation/ disruptive innovation)